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Red Wine Granitas

Red Wine Granita

When we were kids, there was nothing like a snow cone to make a hot afternoon a lot more bearable.  Now that we’re adults, though,  snow cones are just too messy and too sweet.  Well, creativity comes to the rescue.  Adults still have snow cones, only now they’re called “granitas”!

Granitas are tasty ice desserts that are made with fruit juice and other flavorings, frozen, and then raked with a fork during freezing to make a flaky, crunchy, tasty ice delight that can be served in a fancy glass and eaten with a spoon.

And since we’re all grown up now, we can skip those overly sweet syrupy flavorings and add in something an adult would like: wine!  That’s right boys and girls, this is a snow cone with booze in it.

Red Wine granitas are made by combining wine with fruit juice.  The type of wine used depends on the juice; the lighter the juice flavor, the lighter the wine flavor.  The two tastes should combine to produce a tasty whole, not to overpower one or the other.

In this case, I used watermelon and then added a light red wine. I chose one of our very own Arizona wines to blend because Arizona’s dry soil produces lighter, dryer reds which blends perfectly with the watermelon juice.  With a quick bit of blending and a couple of hours of freezing, I had a treat that will make our hot afternoons really bearable.

So grab a blender, a fork, and a bottle of wine, and let’s make granitas!

3 cups seedless watermelon chunks
1 cup raspberries
1 ¾ cups Oak Creek Vineyards Zinfandel
2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 Tbsp. lime juice
2 Tbsp. Agave nectar

1. Using a blender, puree watermelon and raspberries together until
2. Pour melon-berry mixture through a fine-mesh strainer into a shallow,
freezer-safe dish, pressing with a spatula to extract as much juice as you
can.  Discard the pulp.
3. Combine the remaining ingredients in a bowl and stir gently to combine.
Add it to the watermelon-raspberry mixture.
4. Place in the freezer and freeze for 1 hour.
5. Remove dish from freezer and stir the granita with a fork to break it up,
paying particular attention to the edges of the dish.
6. Return granita to freezer, raking it with a fork every half hour until it is
completely frozen and flaky.
7. When it’s completely frozen, scoop some into a glass, add a spoon, prop
your feet up, and enjoy the best frozen treat in town!

Wanna really impress your guests?  Put the granita into a fancy glass.  As my friend Carolyn Jung says “anything looks great in a martini glass”.  And it tastes better, too.

Oak Creek Vineyards Granita











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  1. Carolyn Jung

    A grown-up slushie. Too bad 7-Eleven doesn’t offer these. ;)

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